Getting started with XRF modules and LLAP

Months ago I picked up some radio modules – specifically the XRF radio modules from Ciseco. They’re about ¬£10 a pop and are in theory very simple to use. This is… almost true. In the end my modules sat dormant in my component store, and the OpenKontrol gateway I got from them at the same time was never assembled, owing to some missing parts for the ethernet module and abysmal documentation for the entire project – it’s still sat on my desk and will probably migrate to the bin eventually. This theme of abysmal documentation is unfortunately consistent across all of the Cisceo product lines, which is a real shame since they make great bits and pieces¬†in theory. I really do hope they’ll pull their finger out and fix their documentation.

All that aside, last week at work, we had a two-day event for physical prototyping and I decided that I’d try and get the things working – and after a day or so, succeeded. This post is a brief introduction to how to get the modules working as advertised. Continue reading Getting started with XRF modules and LLAP