Installing Rivendell on Ubuntu

Setting up an entire audio playout and automation system can take days of constant work, tweaking Windows boxes, fixing network shares… you name it. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Rivendell is fantastic for a number of reasons- but in addition to being a great bit of software, it’s a breeze to install. While the core developers mostly use SuSE Linux, many people prefer to stick with Ubuntu for all the benefits it brings. The documentation on setting Ubuntu up with Rivendell is a bit thin on the ground, though, so here’s a guide.

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Perfect Circle

Yup, back on WordPress.

Radiant is an awesome CMS, but it’s still at heart a CMS. Mephisto is just undermaintained and hasn’t got any buzz around it, but WordPress still manages to impress me as a piece of software. I’m willing to overlook that dark, PHP-based heart nestling under the pretty face.

I’m also intending to start blogging more often, and finally might get some purpose to these posts. I’ve got Twitter for my outpourings now, so hopefully I’ll continue the trend I started with more Rails, EVE and other dedicated posts on those topics rather than my usual rambling post about everything. Oops.

My laptop is very, very sorted at this point, and I plan to dedicate a few posts detailing my setup and steps to reproduce it. I’ve got everything from Compiz to monitor-mode WLAN, 2-factor authentication using one-time-pads on a USB stick to Processing running well. Not bad for a £300 bit of kit, and certainly above my expectations as to what I could achieve with it. I’ve been playing around a lot with wireless gear too, and plan to have some serious playtime with WPA2 at some point. Certainly a moderately serious aerial project is on the cards for the EeePC!