Misbehaving EDID in nVidia Linux Drivers

I know, I know, long time without a post! I’ve been busy. Normal service will be resumed here shortly!

So the other day I wanted to hook up an old projector I’d gotten my hands on a while back to my MythTV box in a dual-screen (TwinView) configuration. So I duly plugged it in. Nothing happened. Updated the drivers (Ubuntu 10.10) through the hardware drivers panel, and while my normal monitor was fine, the projector wouldn’t allow a resolution greater than 640×480. Annoying.

Fortunately, I could trace this down to the EDID data from the projector being dodgy (or something along the way causing problems- the cable is a dodgy thing from China, so that’s a potential culprit). Basically, nVidia’s drivers don’t let you ignore EDID data, even with the NoEDID option in xorg.conf.

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MythTV and Freesat

Or- how to make TV worthwhile if you happen to have a leftover Sky dish on your house.

So when I moved in to my current university digs, the previous tenants had left a few things behind. Notably, they’d had Sky. So we had a Sky box in the living room and a dish on the wall. In the UK, if you want fast internet these days, you need Virgin Media. VM gives you cable TV in the bundle, so I didn’t want to pay for Sky. But Freesat’s got some nice stuff on it, including BBC HD and that sort of thing. So how about we get ourselves some free TV? Continue reading MythTV and Freesat

Rivendell 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS

Yup, it’s another guide to installing Rivendell. This time, the fancy new 2.0.2 release, complete with all sorts of fantastic goodies. Let’s get started!

I’m not moving any of my Ubuntu stuff forward to 11.04 just yet; probably won’t for a while, given the situation with desktop managers and stability particularly on older hardware like the stuff we use at Insanity. So, 10.04.02 LTS it is. It’s still supported for a while and has no realtime issues like 10.10.

However, there’s one snag; in my last guide we used a Rivendell package provided by the guys at Tryphon. No such package currently exists for 2.0.x, so we’ll be rolling our own from source. This is far from ideal (and I am working to get 2.0.x packages for Debian made) but it’s a good start, and will work fine- upgrades are just a bit of a pain.

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