Engineering FM – Part 2

This is the second in my series of posts looking at the engineering side of running a community radio station broadcasting on FM. For part one, look here.

This post will be focusing on telemetry, focusing on doing telemetry over IP and integrating bidirectional telemetry for radio metadata.

In our TX system we’ve got a fair few elements – a codec, a silence detector, a redundant playback device (a CF card MP3 player on our budget), a processor, a RDS encoder, a transmitter and a redundant power supply, plus an off-the-shelf (well, out-of-the-skip, actually) 1U rackmount computer. All of this is locked in a rack in a building we have limited physical access to outside working hours (normally – exceptions can be made in emergencies), and it’s not exactly in a convenient place to check by just wandering past it. Additionally, there are periods where the station’s staff are much reduced (over holidays). All in all this means we have to be able to monitor all of the equipment remotely somehow. It’s also convenient for us to be able to control things remotely, and for some things like the RDS encoder we need to be able to control it remotely nearly 24/7. Continue reading Engineering FM – Part 2