Rivendell 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS

Yup, it’s another guide to installing Rivendell. This time, the fancy new 2.0.2 release, complete with all sorts of fantastic goodies. Let’s get started!

I’m not moving any of my Ubuntu stuff forward to 11.04 just yet; probably won’t for a while, given the situation with desktop managers and stability particularly on older hardware like the stuff we use at Insanity. So, 10.04.02 LTS it is. It’s still supported for a while and has no realtime issues like 10.10.

However, there’s one snag; in my last guide we used a Rivendell package provided by the guys at Tryphon. No such package currently exists for 2.0.x, so we’ll be rolling our own from source. This is far from ideal (and I am working to get 2.0.x packages for Debian made) but it’s a good start, and will work fine- upgrades are just a bit of a pain.

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The real problems behind CCP’s botched forum launch

Okay, so this blog, back in the days of old, used to talk about EVE a lot. Now, I don’t play EVE – I haven’t for well over a year. I stopped playing because I lost all faith in the company that runs it, CCP Games hf. At one point I was choosing an education and career path that would set me up nicely to apply for a job at CCP, which should give you an idea of how big a change it was from huge advocate of EVE to what’s known in the community as a bittervet – a bitter veteran. That a term exists for this type of player says a lot. Continue reading The real problems behind CCP’s botched forum launch

Installing Rivendell on Ubuntu

Setting up an entire audio playout and automation system can take days of constant work, tweaking Windows boxes, fixing network shares… you name it. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Rivendell is fantastic for a number of reasons- but in addition to being a great bit of software, it’s a breeze to install. While the core developers mostly use SuSE Linux, many people prefer to stick with Ubuntu for all the benefits it brings. The documentation on setting Ubuntu up with Rivendell is a bit thin on the ground, though, so here’s a guide.

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