Dust 514, some EM2 teasers and statistics

As you might have heard, CCP announced Dust 514, their console MMORPG. And then announced it was to be integrated with EVE, especially with alliances and corporations. I just don’t see how it can work, honestly.

Half the point of EVE is the userbase is a very mature one and the sort of crowd who sit in their room playing with internet spaceships. Does EVE really want to get the Halo players of the world contributing to the game? I honestly don’t think so. It’s a very snobbish view, I know, but the average console gamer probably doesn’t want to spend their time liasing with alliances and planning the takeover of space from other alliances with internet spaceships they can’t see. What’s in it for the Dust 514 players, anyway? A mission system that could easily be done with some clever AI, from what I hear. I remain highly sceptical and look forward to seeing what CCP has planned in further detail- if they make it work it’ll be fantastic. But it’s a big if.

On a much lighter note, I’ve got some snippets from EM2’s new API integration. We’re being really thorough with this so far; we have seperate workers to download and process the API, meaning we can get around the API-being-slow bottleneck by having 3-5 workers just downloading and a few doing the processing (which is quick). What we also wanted to do was give you, the user, tons of control over what information we load into EVE Metrics. Read on for detailed information. Continue reading Dust 514, some EM2 teasers and statistics

Killboards Questionnaire Results

Firstly, an apology- I’ve not been updating as often as I should perhaps do. This was mostly down to the mild concussion I suffered fairly early on Wednesday morning, which limited my capacity for clear thinking for quite a while. Now, onwards- with a summary of what we got from the killboard questionnaire.

Most Wanted Features

  1. API import of losses and kills
  2. In-detail fitting information/fitting database
  3. Accurate price data
  4. Scoring/points
  5. Standings import

Most Wanted Fixes

  1. Needs to be quick
  2. Needs to be easily themed and styled
  3. Needs good documentation
  4. Needs a better admin panel than EDK
  5. Needs easier installation

Medals and ranks were a close runner up, as were better engagement summary tools.

So, let’s go into a little more detail and see how we’re covering each of these for Nexus.

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MMMetrics, Nexus

OK, where to start… MMMetrics. I’ve been pondering having a proper name to affiliate my work under for some time, so MMMetrics it is. Of course, short for Massively Multiplayer Metrics, and soon to be located at http://mmmetrics.co.uk- when the bloody DNS records update, that is…

Over the next few weeks I’ll be reskinning EVE Metrics, ISKsense, and various other things to have a much much nicer theme and one that is consistent across websites, giving each site their own visual take on the theme. Those sites will also be getting some much-needed optimisation, graphics, and new layouts.

Nexus is the other thing this brief post will touch on. Myself and flexd, the other developer working on the project and new member of VAF, have decided that open-sourcing the whole thing would be mad. It’s hideously complex to set up in places (though much easier than it used to be), and in any case a lot of the functionality Nexus provides is heavily aimed at alliances rather than corporations. We’ll still be offering Nexus to some alliances on an ask-and-we-might-let-you basis, but we will be forking Nexus, stripping it back to the killboard and fittings components, and releasing that as open source on Github.

That means if you’re an average corp you won’t get things like the tactical/intel overviews and IGB components, and all the alliance-level member managemet, capfleet management, and so on will be out. Because 99% of people don’t need it, to be honest. By keeping things more limited we’re keeping it much more hackable, more secure, easier to maintain and easier to extend, which means we’ll get it out of the door much quicker than we would have if we’d kept it all bundled together. So we’re looking at somewhere early-to-mid 2009 as our first release.

I think that just about covers it. Oh, other than to say happy holidays and a happy new year in advance, so I don’t forget as I obviously will do.