Facebook and why your organization should be ignoring it

There’s a huge amount of talk out there about how best to use Facebook as an organization. How you can generate massive amounts of publicity and interest, capture new users and visitors, and maximize engagement. All those silken terms that sales and marketing people love to liberally spray all over their presentations. Well, this is not a blog post about how you can do that. I don’t have much of an issue with people using Facebook as a PR tool and a marketing tool- after all, that is what it was designed to be. Marketing yourself, originally, and like all popular but free websites, the site rapidly became about marketing to users.

No, this is a post about why you should ignore Facebook. Turn a blind eye and let it pass. It will, in time, fade away, like Yahoo, MSN and others before those. It may have a huge number of users, but then so did MySpace. People will move on, and Facebook is already worrying about growth figures. But that’s not why you should be ignoring it. Continue reading Facebook and why your organization should be ignoring it

TV on a budget – rolling your own RTMP

So, having moved on from my work at Insanity Radio attempting to build a professional-quality radio station, I’m now going into building a professional quality TV station from the ground up.

Trouble is, there is literally no budget (yet, at least), but we wanted to cover events during the Fresher’s Week here at Royal Holloway. So, I spent a week putting together our own YouTube+UStream. This turned out to be surprisingly complex purely in terms of lack of good contiguous information and documentation. Once the parts are all together, it’s actually remarkably simple.

First, let’s examine the goals of the station. From there, we can work out what we need to have in order to achieve this. Continue reading TV on a budget – rolling your own RTMP

SURHUL, UCU and referendums

Apologies if you’re not a student, student of Royal Holloway, or otherwise in the mood for some politics. If you just read my blog for the geek stuff, move on.

I don’t like politics. I stay out of it when I can and when I get involved it’s because I actually think things are too important for me to just hide away. Student politics has a habit of turning nasty on a dime and I can do without the stress.

So why on earth am I bringing this mess to my humble home away from Facebook? Well, simple: I think it’s too important not to. Specifically a lot of people seem to misunderstand the issue and Facebook’s a crap place for good discussion and explanation. SURHUL tried to put up a page explaining both sides of the motion but I and several other people on both sides think it’s crap. So here’s my take on it. Continue reading SURHUL, UCU and referendums