The surprising thing about BlackBerry outages

The surprising thing, to me at the least, whenever there’s a huge story all over the technology pages of the BBC or the Guardian about the BlackBerry Messenger/email services being down for huge periods of time, is that people are surprised at this.

The internet has flourished and works so very well because it is decentralized, based on open protocols, and systems working together to let people communicate. Let’s just compare standard email with the BlackBerry flavour for a moment. Continue reading The surprising thing about BlackBerry outages

The real problems behind CCP’s botched forum launch

Okay, so this blog, back in the days of old, used to talk about EVE a lot. Now, I don’t play EVE – I haven’t for well over a year. I stopped playing because I lost all faith in the company that runs it, CCP Games hf. At one point I was choosing an education and career path that would set me up nicely to apply for a job at CCP, which should give you an idea of how big a change it was from huge advocate of EVE to what’s known in the community as a bittervet – a bitter veteran. That a term exists for this type of player says a lot. Continue reading The real problems behind CCP’s botched forum launch

SURHUL, UCU and referendums

Apologies if you’re not a student, student of Royal Holloway, or otherwise in the mood for some politics. If you just read my blog for the geek stuff, move on.

I don’t like politics. I stay out of it when I can and when I get involved it’s because I actually think things are too important for me to just hide away. Student politics has a habit of turning nasty on a dime and I can do without the stress.

So why on earth am I bringing this mess to my humble home away from Facebook? Well, simple: I think it’s too important not to. Specifically a lot of people seem to misunderstand the issue and Facebook’s a crap place for good discussion and explanation. SURHUL tried to put up a page explaining both sides of the motion but I and several other people on both sides think it’s crap. So here’s my take on it. Continue reading SURHUL, UCU and referendums