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  • Streaming Radio – Doing it right

    This is something that has come up time and time again now, and with Amazing Radio going online-only with nothing but a single Shoutcast server streaming one format at one bitrate, now seemed like a good time to write about online streaming of radio stations. Let’s start by briefly looking at real broadcast operations – on […]

  • RadioDNS and RadioVIS – Getting Started

    Okay, this is gonna be a weighty one. But it’s an interesting one, for me at least, and I hope for you too. If you’ve got a smartphone, or a modern DAB/FM radio, chances are it can connect to the internet on 3G or wifi. This lets your smartphone also check your emails, and your […]

  • Engineering FM – Part 5

    A little break (strangely coincidentally, just as my penultimate term ended and my final year project got finished and handed in) later, and here we are again – another post in my series on engineering FM transmission at a community radio station. This time I’m going to be talking about how to properly power a […]