The ntpi: accurate time with a Raspberry Pi and Venus638FLPx

One of the things I’ve always loved to tinker with is time sources and synchronization. Typically this has been tied to sensible things like the Network Time Protocol and designing and maintaining time distribution systems for broadcast networks. Lately though I’ve been toying with ‘real’ time sources – GPS and MSF broadcasts. This is a quick tutorial on how to set up a Raspberry Pi, which at only a few watts makes for an economical time server, to talk to a Venus 638FLPx GPS receiver (available from Sparkfun on a suitable breakout board here). Continue reading The ntpi: accurate time with a Raspberry Pi and Venus638FLPx

Insanity’s Launch Night

This Wednesday I was honoured to be involved with the launch of Insanity Radio’s FM broadcasts as a Community Radio station. The main switch-on was planned for midnight on Wednesday, and a special space-themed party hosted at the Student’s Union was planned to celebrate, with a countdown to the switch-on and at midnight, pyrotechnics, balloons dropped from the roof, and Insanity DJs from 9PM through to 3AM.

Of course, we wanted to celebrate with a special broadcast, and we had to manage the technical side of actually switching on FM. This is a quick writeup of how we pulled it off. Continue reading Insanity’s Launch Night