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  • Engineering FM – Part 2

    This is the second in my series of posts looking at the engineering side of running a community radio station broadcasting on FM. For part one, look here. This post will be focusing on telemetry, focusing on doing telemetry over IP and integrating bidirectional telemetry for radio metadata. In our TX system we’ve got a […]

  • Engineering FM – Part 1

    This post is the first in a series of posts I’m going to do covering some of the engineering aspects of setting up a Community FM Radio station in the UK, and the lessons I and others learned while setting up the system. First a bit of background. The station I helped set up, Insanity […]

  • Interfacing Rivendell with the real world on a budget

    So, you’ve got this lovely, expensive broadcast console your previous engineers have left for you sitting in your studio. And you’re using all of 3 microphone inputs and a few line inputs. And, of course, the logic facilities of the console are entirely ignored. It’s a shame, isn’t it? A microphone live light is a […]