Misbehaving EDID in nVidia Linux Drivers

I know, I know, long time without a post! I’ve been busy. Normal service will be resumed here shortly!

So the other day I wanted to hook up an old projector I’d gotten my hands on a while back to my MythTV box in a dual-screen (TwinView) configuration. So I duly plugged it in. Nothing happened. Updated the drivers (Ubuntu 10.10) through the hardware drivers panel, and while my normal monitor was fine, the projector wouldn’t allow a resolution greater than 640×480. Annoying.

Fortunately, I could trace this down to the EDID data from the projector being dodgy (or something along the way causing problems- the cable is a dodgy thing from China, so that’s a potential culprit). Basically, nVidia’s drivers don’t let you ignore EDID data, even with the NoEDID option in xorg.conf.

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