Tag: arduino

  • Tinkering with the RFµ-328

    The RFµ (or RFu, for the purposes of people being able to Google this without trying to type µ) 328 is a really neat little board from wireless vendor Ciseco. I picked one up for a project I’m doing where I need a low power microcontroller and some way to talk to a base station […]

  • Engineering FM – Part 2

    This is the second in my series of posts looking at the engineering side of running a community radio station broadcasting on FM. For part one, look here. This post will be focusing on telemetry, focusing on doing telemetry over IP and integrating bidirectional telemetry for radio metadata. In our TX system we’ve got a […]

  • Monitoring radio, and the joys of realtime feedback

    Monitoring and logging of broadcast systems is often overlooked in smaller setups like university radio stations. Which is a shame. If we’d had monitoring in place last year at Insanity, we’d have known exactly how much dead air went out. Now, we’ve got a much better setup. It’s cheap(ish), a little bit homebrew, but there’s […]