Officer and Faction Item Support

So, after seeing the hundredth ‘Error occured while loading market#view’ email arrive which related to someone getting an officer or faction item, I decided I would drop what I was working on (index pregeneration) and implement non-market items on the market.

You can now view non-market items, submit prices for them, and view prices aggregated weekly from It’s not perfect, but that’s just down to what data EVE Online will let us get at! Hopefully we’ll see more support of contracts over the API soon; CCP have now moved the API to it’s own SQL server, so performance of API requests isn’t such a huge problem any more.

I’m also experimenting with advertising on both this site and EVE Metrics. Hopefully I’ll be returning to Project Wonderful, which I’ve used to great success in the past on other websites. While I’d love to provide these sites ad-free and for-free, unfortunately server costs do exist and I just can’t afford to run things for free right now.