Processing again

I’ve gotten back into Processing for yet another attempt at creating an out-of-game EVE Online map. So far so good. I’ve ended up creating a custom database to run the app off based on the Empyrean Age 1.1 data export from EVE, and that’s hooked into Processing using the MySQL library. The systems (and jumps,… Continue reading Processing again

EeePC1000H Continued

Been spending a lot of time playing around with the EeePC. Overall impression has been universally awesome, and it certainly gets a few looks for it’s tiny size. I’ve got it well and truly tweaked now, including two-factor authentication with pam_usb, motion-sensing CCTV on the webcam when the screen is locked, bluetooth proximity linked automatic… Continue reading EeePC1000H Continued

Perfect Circle

Yup, back on WordPress. Radiant is an awesome CMS, but it’s still at heart a CMS. Mephisto is just undermaintained and hasn’t got any buzz around it, but WordPress still manages to impress me as a piece of software. I’m willing to overlook that dark, PHP-based heart nestling under the pretty face. I’m also intending… Continue reading Perfect Circle