If you just need to drop me a quick message, consider using Twitter to tweet @JamesHarrison.

You can contact me at james at talkunafraid dot co dot uk via email.

If you wish to contact me securely, I accept encrypted email and anonymous email relays. You can encrypt emails sent to my address using the public key listed below using something like Enigmail or another PGP implementation. The key (ID 0xFC766A7D) is also available on various keyservers, including:


I will encrypt mail whenever I have the recipient’s public key, no matter how trivial the mail. All mail from my address is signed. Please validate the signature included in the email before trusting the contents of the email. I strongly recommend encrypting all emails to me and signing them wherever possible. I will validate my key fingerprint in person if requested where possible.

My key fingerprint is 9D64 11C6 A590 6F94 FDD1 19C1 64BE DDD5 E318 060C.

Employment/Work Contact

I currently work as Chief Engineer at Gigaclear, a small fibre to the home ISP targeting rural areas with new-build fibre networks providing gigabit speeds.

My work email address is james at gigaclear dot com, and queries relating to my work should be directed there.

A public key for encryption and signing is available from all major keyservers as with my personal public key – the key ID is 0xDC058387.

My work email address’s key fingerprint is CF96 4F2B 81F2 ABAB 4EB4 39E6 D9E7 3D90 DC05 8387. As with my personal address, I sign and encrypt by default.