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  • Cataloguing astrophotography data for fun and profit

    I’ve written a lot about my telescope setup and what I do with it, but not much about what comes after that. Mostly, that’s a lot of work in PixInsight to process all the data. I take monochrome images – so every image is just looking through a filter of red, green, blue, or a […]

  • Pandemic A/V

    I’m sure this post’s been done a million times over by now, but enough people at work have asked me how my video/audio works, that at this point it’s quicker to have a blog post to point at! I’m pretty sorted for audio and video for videoconferencing. Given my days are usually back-to-back video calls, […]

  • Coma correction and off-axis guiding

    Coma correction and off-axis guiding

    It’s November, which means we’re well into the winter season for astrophotography, with early starts and long nights. So far, I think I’ve had two nights – the weather has been utterly absymal and I lost a few nights to not having everything ready to go. This season I thought I’d treat my Newtonian (in […]