EVE Metrics 3

Okay, as someone who feels an obligation to post at least once a month I’m ashamed. 8th of May? Time to sort that out.

So here’s a post about EVE Metrics 3.

We’re getting close to having everything polished and ready for release. The main issue at hand thus far has been the homepage; I say this like it’s a small thing but it’s required me to learn some new and interesting things about CSS, Makurid’s done some excellent work to produce some feed scrapers and elements for the lower portion of the page… there’s a lot to it.

I thought that it’d be good to list a few of the changes we’ve made for version 3.

  • Complete redesign of the site thanks to Rettic
  • Market detail pages have been entirely renovated
  • Various pages which haven’t been improved in some time have now been tidied up
  • API key management has been improved
  • API key permissions management has been improved
  • Backend processors for API functions and upload processing have been improved and made more reliable
  • My Metrics has been entirely renovated, now with sparklines for wallets and a new layout
  • Orders and transactions have been moved from My Metrics into their own detail pages, with a summary on My Metrics
  • Journal information has been added and given it’s own detail page
  • Player Owned Structure integration has been added, though still in it’s infancy
  • Sensitive portions of the site now make use of SSL transport encryption (HTTPS) automatically
  • Wormhole pages have been updated
  • Improvements to the corporation pages through refactoring to share view code between character and corporation pages
  • Graph improvements
  • Complete test coverage of every line of code (Nah, just kidding, we’re still pretty thin on those test things for large chunks of UI code)
  • 0.2% more cowbell
  • 5% other features I’ve not listed above, plus 100% more polish overall

Excited? We are! There’s a lot of work in the lines above and I think you’ll like the results. We’re not sticking to any firm release schedule because we’re terrible at sticking to them; we’re students, not full-time developers (incidentally, if anyone’s got any jobs available for temporary/contract work, SE UK preferred (or work-at-home), 6 weeks max, let me know!). That said, we hope to have a release before the end of July.

We’ve also been rewriting our uploader! That’s right- Linux, Mac and Windows support all in one neat package. The GUI’s not anything special but it works, and we’ll be polishing it and getting it release-ready before long. Huge thanks should be directed to TTimo, who has been the driving force behind this with some welcome Python experience, and Makurid for assisting him in developing the new client.

Once we’ve gotten that polished, packaged and rolled out, we’ll be running a 5 billion ISK contest to promote it- the three winners (each receiving a portion of the 5 billion pool) will be selected from the most active uploaders for the week or two after the competition is announced. We’ll finalize all the details and have it posted up when we’re ready to go ahead with that, of course. If you’d like to make that 5 billion figure larger, you can contribute ISK to the character MMMetrics Agent ingame! So far, thanks go out to Rilcon, Chribba and Entity for contributing to the current pool. The new uploader will be released after the new site – we’d like to change one thing at a time so we can iron out all the kinks. Once we’ve gotten it out and tested it thoroughly we’ll roll out the upgrade- your existing uploader will prompt you to update when you start it.

One last thing – I’ve personally submitted a proposal to the CSM regarding development efforts from CCP surrounding the API and EVE Gate. If you’ve not done so already, I strongly urge you to read my proposal and support it if you feel, like I do, that CCP have made some serious mistakes lately in this regard. The thread can be found here. It has been picked up and supported by at least 3 CSM members so far, but the community support will help considerably to drive CCP to consider it seriously.

5 thoughts on “EVE Metrics 3”

  1. I actually have several temporary projects that could use a good developer to pick up. I cant pay a whole ton, but if you are interested let me know.. also they are all Eve projects.

  2. First off, I’ve heard of eve-metrics before just never used it…tried it out today and love it. I’m gonna use it all the time for my trading empire now.

    Second, I see these ‘credits’…what are they used for? I can’t seem to find much explanation on them anywhere.

    Oh…and where all is the contest going to be announced when it starts? On the site itself? or other places as well?

  3. Credits are just a way of keeping track of how much you’ve contributed to the EVE Metrics database. When you upload an item or some historic information, we have a cunning equation which generates a credit rating for that upload based on how many orders got updated, added, deleted, how long it’s been since we saw that item in that region, and so on. Right now they don’t do anything other than that, and it’ll be that way for a while.

    The contest will be announced on the site and through as many community outlets as we can muster. I might also drop an email out to all EVE Metrics users.

  4. I can’t find any other way to contact you Eve-Metrics guys, but I’d like to suggest an addition to the xml history for each item. Specifically, I’d like to pull the weekly movement for each item as on data point, rather than having to pull all 7 days and total them up myself. Is this possible with your current implementation?

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