accVIEW Rejuvenated

Well, it’s been way too long since I opened an editor and got to work on accVIEW’s source, and it really showed. In reality, accVIEW was something I slapped together in an afternoon for Vanguard Frontiers, home of myself, PyjamaSam (of Capsuleer fame) and some of the best pilots I’ve ever flown with. We needed a better way to do API checks and this was it.

I made it public and popularity grew. I added some features, added the premium option for those who wanted a bit more, and it’s been ticking along, occasionally throwing horrible errors and falling over, the background worker regularly falling over and dying, and running on a Quantum Rise datadump. And there was a major security glitch- we didn’t store API keys, making it impossible to validate people regularly, meaning people who left corporations could still view their old corp’s requests. And they couldn’t update their account to their new corporation.

No more.

accVIEW has gotten a fresh new facelift, skill distribution graphs, a fundamental API key change, some improved code throughout and a new database dump update. I’ve also added a ‘forgot password’ feature for those who don’t remember their logins too well, and fixed a few outstanding bugs.

If you’re an accVIEW user, next time you log in you will be prompted for your API key again. This is to be expected; the reason we’re doing this is so we have a copy we can re-validate regularly (once a day) to ensure that you are still in the corporation you were in last time we looked. If you change corporations, your main character will be dissociated and you’ll have to reenter your API keys next time you log in and choose a new main character.


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  1. I need help resetting my password because the log in won’t take anything I give it. When I enter my email it gives me an error page.

    When I try to re-resister it gives me an error.

    Please help!

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