With Dominion just around the corner, we’re looking at how that’ll affect EVE Metrics. Other than the market getting a few things shaken up as is usual for expansions, things should be minimally impacted. API services will probably be down for a week knowing CCP’s track record of breaking the API ‘just in case’ it affects Tranquility, but apart from that things should be fine.

We have got some things in the works for Dominion, and we hope you’ll find them useful; we’ve not had much time to work on EVE Metrics, and we’re being distracted by another project at the moment, but we’ll have more time to work on EVE Metrics in a few weeks time around Christmas. I’m still evaluating what we’ll spend our time on, though, and we’d like to get more feedback via the feedback button on the site– you can vote for other people’s suggestions, so please do so!

Other than that, not much to report. We’ll have Dominion items loaded into the site by release day so you can start using the site straight away with the new items. We’ve been so far very successful with some performance improvements on the site; this has mostly been tuning our database server and working on improving the performance of queries through better indexes, clustering indexes, and so on. Hopefully you’ll notice this in the form of improved page responsiveness and less ‘slow loading’ pages. Enjoy!