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IRIS – The Interchangeable Radio Ingest System

Well, wow. After nearly forgetting to actually submit it and only writing the entry a few hours before the deadline, it turns out that the system I made while at Insanity Radio 1287AM has been nominated for the Best Technical Achievement award at the Student Radio Awards. So, I figured it would be worth actually […]

Rivendell 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS

Yup, it’s another guide to installing Rivendell. This time, the fancy new 2.0.2 release, complete with all sorts of fantastic goodies. Let’s get started! I’m not moving any of my Ubuntu stuff forward to 11.04 just yet; probably won’t for a while, given the situation with desktop managers and stability particularly on older hardware like […]

Interfacing Rivendell with the real world on a budget

So, you’ve got this lovely, expensive broadcast console your previous engineers have left for you sitting in your studio. And you’re using all of 3 microphone inputs and a few line inputs. And, of course, the logic facilities of the console are entirely ignored. It’s a shame, isn’t it? A microphone live light is a […]