1. Great overall post…I certainly understand more now reading your post. While some details are certainly different I am wondering the following:

    IN the late part of 2009 (IIRC it might have been right around Dominion) but the Database was upgraded to 64 bit. We (where I work) have had MAJOR issues with the 64 bit version of SQL from MS…could this be exacerbating the problem you outline above? I’d love to read your thoughts

  2. I know that stability-wise the database server has been having problems more regularly since the upgrade, and that CCP have been working with Microsoft heavily to try and improve things. But yes, I’ve heard a lot about issues with 64-bit MSSQL; CCP really are now 64-bit and pretty much stuck with it. Hopefully the server will mature and improve; it’s not like MySQL/PgSQL where you can poke inside it and fix bugs as you go, though, so who knows how that is going..

    Entirely unrelated, but CCP are now feeding 64-bit IDs out into the API which might break a fair few applications; developers have been used to the 32-bit IDs for say wallet journals that are recycled fairly regularly. We’ve had to update a few database tables in EVE Metrics to handle this; it’s good in the long run, but they could have at least announced it…

  3. Thanks for your comment James…I did not realize about the 64bit ID’s either…sigh …. I wonder why they tell us nothing sometimes.

  4. Makar Kravchenko

    Thanks for linking this to EVE forum. This is a great insight to how the EVE cluster is operating. I am only a visual basic programmer, with limited knowledge of C/C++. I have fooled with python, and other interpreted languages and have recognized bottlenecks in the interpreter. I did not however realize that Stackless avoids the interpreter lock, which clears up why Stackless IO would be as efficient as it has been thus far. Hopefully CCP moves forward with things like HPC and CUDA for EVE Online, and can make fleet battles playable to marginally larger degrees. The best thing about EVE is the scale of which things occur. To diminish this scale would be disheartening to say the least.

    This pycon CCP attended showcasing their use of stackless python was very informative as well:


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